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About Us

One Two Three Electric Co., Ltd.

One Two Three Electric Co., Ltd. is Located in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, the capital of China's electrical appliances, this company is a high-standard manufacturer specializing in the development and production of low-voltage electrical appliances such as moulded case circuit breaker, Air circuit breaker, miniature circuit breaker, leakage circuit breaker, control and protection switch, dual-power automatic switching switch, isolation switch and so on. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and production. With a number of patented technologies Certificate, products are certified by GB, CE, CCC, etc.

This company tak scientific management as the core, take user needs , product quality and careful service as the center of the enterprise concept, to meet the need of customers in different markets and different application sites, in order to provide maximum performance and


Adhering to the value of respecting people, developing the potential of human beings, and pursuing the soul ofthe people as the purpose of the work, in our company,ordinary people will become excellent people, The steady stream of people here realize theirdreams of life, cultivate long-term talent team that wins market leadership,we creates organizational advantages,and leads value orientation, we has a sense of mission and responsibility team, and we supports the realization of strategic goals and talent pursuit.

The company cares for employees from the aspects of life, emotion and growth.
The employees ofthe company cherish their inner dreams and pursuits. Because they have dreams, they are more energetic, creative, and have the driving force to surpass other organizations and individuals to improve of theirown realm.



At present, the company has a technical r&d team of more than 70 people, including 2 chief engineers, 8 project engineers, 13 senior engineers, 28 engineers and 29 other personnel.

The company adheres to scientific and technological innovation, constantly introduces professional personnel, is committed to developing safe, reliable, intelligent, energy-saving electrical products and solutions for customers.

The company has a wide range of cooperation with scientific and technological institutions, professional colleges and technical experts, with the development of new products as the core, and constantly promote technological progress.

Technical Research Team

Other Employees
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Over the years, the company has been focusing on technology research and development management of products as an important task. On the one hand, it vigorously advocates independent research and development, on the basis of process structure adjustment, adheres to market-oriented, benefit-centered, strengthens product independent research and development, strengthens application technology research, actively develops products with high added value, high technology content and marketability, and on the other. 




On the other hand, we should actively expand cooperation with scientific research institutions, professional colleges and technical experts, give full play to theirtechnological advantages, learn from each other's strengths and make up for each other's weaknesses, constantly promote technological progress,Committed to developing safe, reliable and intelligent electrical products and solutions for customers.

In recent years, the company's sales performance has maintained rapid growth, while increasing the proportion of R&D investment in technology year by year.


ln order to ensure the equipment level of theenterprise, the company actively introduces newinternational production equipment and testinginstruments, strengthen reliability research andtest, the company now has intelligent motion characteristics test bed, automatic detection line,high precision coordinate measuring instrument,universal tool microscope and other advancedproduction and testing equipment.The companyhas set up a large testing center, equipped withthe product mechanicallife laboratory , productcharacteristics laboratory,EMC laboratory,standard laboratory and other domestic andforeign first-class equipment and facilities putinto use, improve the production efficiency of theenterprise, ensure the steady improvement ofproduction technology and quality managementlevel.


We are committed to providing quality, safe products and services, and actively explore the potential needs of customers; 

We encourage more people to participate in innovation in an open way, combine new technologies with excellent business models, and constantly create exciting surprises. 

We attach great importance to customer experience and opinions, constantly improve customer relationship management system, grow together with customers, and regard this process as the value of achieving excellence.

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