Air Circuit Breaker YUW1-2000/3P Drawer

Short Description:

Rated Current:                             630A-2000A
Samples:                                       630A-2000A
Lead Time:
Quantity(Sets) 1 - 10 11 - 1000 >1000
Est. Time(days) 3 15 To be negotiated
Customized logo(Min. Order: 10 Sets)
Customized packaging(Min. Order: 10 Sets)
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  • Rated current: 1000,2000,3200,4000,6300
  • Pole: 3P,4P
  • Product Detail

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    Product details

    Name Details
    Enterprise code Shanghai Yuhuang Co.,ltd
    Product category Universal Type Circuit Breaker
    Design code 1
    Current rank 1000,2000,3200,4000,6300
    Breaking capacity M=Standard,H=High breaking
    Pole 3P,4P
    Product structure C=Drawer type,G=Fix type
    Controller L=Economy type,M=Intelligent,H=Communication type

    Product summary

    YUW1 series Air Circuit Breaker(hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is applied in distribution network with AC 50HZ ,rated voltage 690V(or below),and rated current 200A-6300A.It is used to distribute electric energy, protect circuit and power supply from damage of defaults,such as overload,under voltage,short circuit,single-phase grounding.Circuit breaker has intelligent protection function,and its selective protection is accurate.Besides,it can improve the reliability of power supply and avoid unnecessary blackout.At the same time ,it possesses open-type communication interface to realize four-remote function,namely remote control,remote regulating,remote measurement and remote communication,in order to meet the requirement of control center and automatic system.This circuit breaker has isolation function.


    1. Accord to install:Fix type,Drawer type.
    2. Accord to pole:3P、4P
    3. Accord to operation:Electric operation,Manual operation(Repair,maintenance)


    Intelligence controller,under-voltage instant(or delayed)release,shunt release.

    Intelligence controller function:

    1. intelligence controller:H(intelligence type),M(Standard type)、L(Economy type)
    2. Have overload long delayed inverse time limit,short delayed inverse time limit,constant time-lag and instant function,it can according to user require to set protect.
    3. Single ground protect function.
    4. Display function:setting current display,action current display and each line voltage main display(voltage display need ask us when give me the order)
    5. Alarm function:overload alarm.
    6. Self test function:overheating self test,microcomputer self diagnosis.
    7. Test function:intelligent controller of operating characteristic.

    Normal use and installation condition

    1. Ambient air temperature:upper limit value not exceeding+40℃,lower limiting value not exceeding -5℃,average value not exceeding +35℃.Special orders expected.
    2. Install address of altitude not exceeding 2000m.
    3. Atmospheric conditions:Atmosphere relative humidity not exceeding 50% when ambient air is +40℃,it can have higher of relative humidity in the lower temperature ,the average max relative humidity is 90% in the max wet month,this month average max temperature is +25℃ at the same time ,it need to think about condensation of product’s surface which will a[[ear with the change of temperature.It need consult with my company when it exceed regulated requirements.
    4. Level of protection:IP30.
    5 Class of pollution:3 class.
    6. Use classes:B classes or A classes.
    7. Installation category:Rated operating voltage 660V(690V) and below circuit breakers and undervoltage demerters,power transformer primary coil of installation category isⅣ,other assist circuit,controller installation category is Ⅲ.
    8. Installation condition:Breaker need according to this instruction require to install,breaker of vertical gradient not exceeding 5°(mine breaker of vertical gradient not exceeding 15°)

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