Advantages of dead ends of prefabricated cable clamps for ADSS overhead lines

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Advantages of dead ends of prefabricated cable clamps for ADSS overhead lines
05 19 , 2023

Prefabricated cable clamp dead ends are an important part of overhead line ground wires, used to hold wires in place and withstand tension. The incorporation of an insulating coating makes these Aluminum Alloy Spiral-Assembled Terminal Anchors (SNAL) an excellent choice for power transmission and distribution lines as well as telecommunication, fiber optic, television and digital cables. The use of this dead end clamp has revolutionized the way we secure cables and conductors. In this blog, we will look at the advantages of prefabricated cable clamp dead ends and the dos and don'ts for using them.

Product use environment

Aluminum alloy terminal clamps with insulating coating are an important part of overhead transmission lines. The main function of the clamp is to secure the ground terminal, which is critical to the safety and efficiency of the electrical infrastructure. Prefabricated cable clamp dead ends are suitable for bare and insulated wires and can withstand the expected tension levels in power distribution and transmission lines.

Precautions for use

When installing prefabricated cable clamp dead ends, several precautions must be taken to ensure safety and efficiency. The loop area must be protected by suitable bushings, insulators or pulleys. Installation must be done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to ensure minimal stress on the fixture, which could crack or damage the insulating coating.


Prefabricated cable clamp dead ends offer several advantages over traditional dead end clamps. First, it has excellent insulation, which reduces the risk of short circuits even in extreme weather conditions. Secondly, the aluminum alloy material makes the fixture lightweight and reduces the stress on the tower structure. Additionally, the helical design ensures a better grip, provides higher load carrying capacity and reduces the risk of slipping or cable damage.

in conclusion

Insulation-coated aluminum alloy spiral prefabricated dead-end ties (SNAL) have become a popular choice for securing cables in power, telecommunications and other infrastructure. Their unique design ensures a safer, more reliable and more efficient infrastructure. These fixtures must be installed to meet specific requirements to ensure they perform optimally. Effective use of prefabricated cable clamp dead ends can help reduce infrastructure costs and improve safety and efficiency.

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