The working mode of Automatic Transfer switch

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The working mode of Automatic Transfer switch
12 09 , 2021

The working mode of Automatic Transfer switch

1) automatically.

When the user sets the automatic function, the switch of the automatic transfer switch is automatically controlled by the controller according to the fault condition. Power grid and generator: Namely (F2) model, when the automatic switch used in power grid and the generator system, the controller of grid and generator two way power switch, the power grid power supply fails a passive shock signals (with a set of normally open, normally closed contact output), used to start the generator system, when the generator power to fulfill the requirements of the rated voltage controller will transform, As for the system capacity, by the user to configure, when the generator capacity is limited, can first remove part of the load, so as not to drag; When the grid is back to normal, the automatic transfer switch will automatically switch to the grid power supply.

2) manually.

In manual mode, the user can operate the buttons on the controller panel to switch the switch as required. There are three positions to choose from: common power supply position, standby power supply position, and dual position

Operating procedures

1. When the power fails for some reason and the power cannot be restored in a short time, the standby power supply must be enabled. Steps:

  •  Cut off all the circuit breakers of the mains power supply (including all the circuit breakers of the control cabinet of the distribution room and the municipal power supply breaker of the double power switch box), open the double anti-reverse switch to the side of the self-provided power supply, and keep the self-provided power supply circuit breaker of the double power switch box disconnected.
  • Start the standby power supply (diesel generator set), and turn on the generator air switch and all circuit breakers in the self-provided power control cabinet in sequence when the generator runs normally.
  • Close the circuit breakers of each standby power supply in the power switching box one by one to send power to each load.
  • During the operation of the standby power supply, the operator on duty shall not leave the generator set, and adjust the voltage and plant frequency according to the change of load in time, and deal with abnormalities in time.

2. When the power supply is restored, the power supply should be converted in time, and the standby power supply should be cut off to restore the power supply.


  • ① Turn off the circuit breakers of the self-provided power supply one by one. The sequence is as follows: Dual-power switchbox Self-provided power circuit breakers → all circuit breakers of the PDC with self-provided power supply → Main switch of the generator → Switch the dual-power switch to the side of the commercial power supply.
  • ② Stop the diesel engine according to the steps.
  • ③ Close each circuit breaker one by one from the main switch of mains power supply to each branch switch in sequence, and close the circuit breaker of mains power supply from the dual power switching box
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