Basic application of solar photovoltaic

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Basic application of solar photovoltaic
03 14 , 2023

The application of solar photovoltaic pair and its harm to human body

1. Preface

Solar photovoltaic power generation is a kind of power generation technology that converts light energy into electric energy by using the principle of photovoltaic effect. It has the characteristics of no pollution, no noise, “inexhaustible” and so on. It is an important form of new energy power generation at present. According to the different operation modes of photovoltaic power generation system, it can be divided into three types. The first type is large and medium-sized grid-connected photovoltaic power station, which outputs high voltage and runs in parallel with the power grid. It is generally built in areas with abundant solar energy resources and idle land resources, such as deserts. The second type is small grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system, which outputs low voltage and low voltage grid in parallel operation, generally small grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system combined with buildings, such as rural roof photovoltaic power generation system; The third is the independent operation of photovoltaic power generation system, it does not parallel with the grid, after the generation of electricity directly supply the load or through the storage battery, than the solar street lamp. At present, with more and more mature photovoltaic power generation technology, photovoltaic cell power generation efficiency has been improved, while the cost of photovoltaic power generation has been reduced.

2. Necessity of developing photovoltaic power generation in rural areas

Our country at present about 900 million people live in rural areas, most farmers need to burn straw, wood and so on to obtain energy, this will cause the rural living environment worsening, pollute the environment, hinder the development of the rural economy. The combination of photovoltaic power generation and rural housing, the use of the national photovoltaic poverty alleviation policy, the principle of self-use, excess electricity online, can improve rural living conditions and economic level to a certain extent.

3. The application of photovoltaic power generation in rural areas

In the countryside, where there are no tall buildings, photovoltaic panels can be installed at the best Angle of inclination to receive the maximum amount of solar radiation. Photovoltaic power generation can be used in rooftop photovoltaic power generation systems, solar street lights, solar photovoltaic water pump systems and other rural occasions.

(1) Rural rooftop photovoltaic power generation system
The following figure is a schematic diagram of the rural roof photovoltaic power generation system, which is composed of photovoltaic array, DC junction box, DC switch, inverter, AC switch and user meter terminal box. You can choose two modes: “Self-use, use the remaining power to access the Internet” and “full access to the Internet”.

(2) Solar street lamps
Solar street lamp is a kind of energy-saving product in lighting industry. It not only uses photovoltaic cell power supply, but also uses LED light source. The following is a schematic diagram of a solar street lamp. It works by using photovoltaic modules that absorb the light and convert it into electricity when the sun is shining during the day. At night, the battery feeds the LED lights via a controller.

(3) Solar photovoltaic water pump system
Below is a schematic of a solar photovoltaic water pump system, which consists of a photovoltaic array, an inverter and a water pump to irrigate a field.

4.Does solar photovoltaic power have radiation to human body?

1).First of all, photovoltaic solar panels will produce electromagnetic radiation, which will also constitute electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to the human body. Secondly, photovoltaic power generation is the use of semiconductor silicon, so that the sunlight in the uneven distribution of the semiconductor material, will produce voltage, if the circulation will produce electricity, this process has no radiation source, does not produce electromagnetic radiation. Again, the electromagnetic radiation harmful to human body is no longer on the solar panels of photovoltaic power generation, it is just a very simple photoelectric conversion, the real electromagnetic radiation is the electromagnetic radiation of the sun, ultraviolet rays and other harmful light will sexually stimulate our skin. In addition, photovoltaic power generation will produce electric flux, which is without any electromagnetic radiation. What is photovoltaic power generation: Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that uses the photovoltaic effect at the semiconductor interface to convert heat energy into electricity. It is mainly composed of solar panels (components), controllers and inverters, and the main components are contained by electronic components. After the solar cells are in series, PCB maintenance can form a large area of solar cell modules, and then the power controller and other components constitute a photovoltaic power generation device.
2) Hazard of radiation
Is all the radiation to the human body attack harm? In fact, we often divide radiation into two main categories: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.
Ionizing radiation is a kind of high energy radiation, which can damage physiological tissues and cause harm to human body, but this kind of harm generally has a cumulative effect. Nuclear radiation and X-ray are attributed to the typical ionizing radiation.
Non-ionizing radiation is far from reaching the energy needed to differentiate molecules and mainly acts on the illuminated object by means of thermal effects. Radio-wave attacks of electromagnetic radiation shining results generally only need thermal effects, do not harm the molecular bonds of the organism. And what we commonly call electromagnetic radiation is classified as non-ionizing radiation.

5).Solar photovoltaic power generation

How big is the electromagnetic radiation of photovoltaic system?
Photovoltaic power generation is the direct conversion of light energy through the characteristics of the semiconductor into direct current energy, and then through the inverter to direct current can be used by us. Photovoltaic system is composed of solar panels, support, DC cable, inverter, AC cable, distribution cabinet, transformer, etc., during the support is not charged, naturally will not attack electromagnetic radiation. Solar panels and DC cables, inside is DC current, the direction is not changed, can only occur electric field, not magnetic field.


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