YEM3D-250 DC Circuit Breaker: Ensuring Reliable Protection for Your DC System

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YEM3D-250 DC Circuit Breaker: Ensuring Reliable Protection for Your DC System
08 21 , 2023

In today's technologically advanced world, DC systems are widely used in various industries. In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of these systems, it is crucial to establish a reliable protection mechanism. This is where the YEM3D-250 DC circuit breaker comes into play. With its impressive features and functions, this circuit breaker provides the necessary overload and short-circuit protection for distribution and protection lines and power supply equipment in DC systems with rated currents up to and including 250A. Let's explore the unique benefits and features of the YEM3D-250 DC circuit breaker that make it ideal for DC systems.

Excellence in challenging environments:
YEM3D-250 DC circuit breakers are designed to perform flawlessly in a wide range of environmental conditions. The ambient temperature range is -5°C to +40°C and can withstand extreme temperature changes. In addition, its robust construction and compliance with pollution degree 3 standards ensure reliable operation even in heavily polluted environments. In addition, the circuit breaker can be installed below 2000m above sea level, suitable for various applications in different terrains.

Enhanced security measures:
Safety is paramount when dealing with electrical systems, which is why the YEM3D-250 DC circuit breaker prioritizes the well-being of equipment and personnel. Its insulation voltage level is as high as 1600V, and its working voltage is DC 1500V and below, effectively preventing electrical hazards. The installation category of the main circuit is category III, which further enhances the safety features of the circuit breaker and ensures the best protection for your DC system.

Rich application capabilities:
YEM3D-250 DC circuit breakers are designed to meet a wide range of application needs. Whether you need to protect distribution lines, power supply equipment or other auxiliary circuits, this circuit breaker provides a versatile solution. Its rated current capacity is 250A and below, suitable for various system sizes. So, whether you are running a small DC installation or a large industrial installation, the YEM3D-250 DC circuit breaker can easily meet your requirements.

Reliable and efficient power distribution:
YEM3D-250 DC circuit breaker takes overload and short circuit protection as the core function to ensure a reliable power distribution system in DC installations. By detecting and interrupting abnormal currents in a timely manner, potential damage to equipment can be prevented and uninterrupted power supply can be ensured. This reliability is further enhanced by the circuit breaker's electromagnetic compatibility, ensuring it will not interfere with other nearby electronic equipment.

Durable and long-lasting design:
The YEM3D-250 DC circuit breaker stands the test of time. Its durable construction and storage conditions from -40°C to +70°C guarantee longevity and reliability. This means you can rely on the circuit breaker to provide consistent, efficient performance throughout its service life, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

In summary:
In terms of protecting DC systems, YEM3D-250 DC circuit breakers are the best choice. With its outstanding features, including reliable overload and short circuit protection, versatile application functions, and excellent performance in challenging environments, this circuit breaker provides a comprehensive solution to meet your DC system needs. By choosing YEM3D-250 DC circuit breaker, you can ensure the safety, efficiency and continuity of power distribution. Invest in the best product and experience reliable power protection like never before!
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