Function and principle of ATS automatic converter for diesel generator set

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Function and principle of ATS automatic converter for diesel generator set
07 12 , 2021

ATS is a double power automatic switch, the ATS automatic switch cabinet is mainly composed of control components and circuit breakers, can be manually or automatically controlled on and off power supply. The structure is simple and easy to operate, and the operator is easy to master the use method. Its function can meet the needs of all kinds of users, switchgear can be applied to diesel generator set for power on and off, can also be used for other distribution equipment. ATS automatic switching cabinet system is mainly composed of ATS double power automatic switching switch, PC ATS intelligent controller, air protection switch, diesel generator set starting battery automatic floating charger, advanced spray cabinet body and related accessories. Although the generator manufacturer takes the ATS automatic switching cabinet as an optional configuration of the diesel generator set, most users choose to use it, which is convenient and worrying.


The function of ATS automatic switching cabinet is to realize the automatic switching between two power sources, including municipal power and municipal power, municipal power and power generation or power generation, without the operator can realize the switch of two power sources, to ensure the normal electricity requirements of users. Voltage range: (400VAC / 50HZ capacity range: 63A – 6300A Safety measures: fully automatic operation, mechanical, electrical double chain. The power system of shopping malls, hotels and factories that have strict requirements on power interruption time should use the city/generator automatic switching system. This system can automatically switch to the backup power system within 5 seconds of the original supply system blackout, so as to maintain normal power supply.

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