Generac launches the first automatic transfer switch with integrated home energy monitoring function

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Generac launches the first automatic transfer switch with integrated home energy monitoring function
06 19 , 2021

Waukesha, Wisconsin, March 27, 2020/PRNewswire/ – Power outages from the East Coast to the West Coast have led to a growing demand for household backup generators. With the increase in electricity bills1, GeneracⓇ Power Systems (NYSE)’s new energy monitoring PWRview™ automatic transfer switch (ATS) uniquely solves the challenge of protecting households from power outages while protecting bank accounts from high electricity bills. : GNRC).
With the introduction of PWRview ATS, Generac took the lead in providing the Home Energy Monitoring System (HEMS) in the switch. PWRview ATS allows any home equipped with a home backup generator to immediately access powerful and cost-effective insights about the energy consumption of the home.
Since the PWRview monitor is built into the transfer switch required by the generator, once the generator system is installed, PWRview insight can be obtained. Homeowners can download the PWRview app to any smartphone to easily monitor their home’s energy usage from anywhere in the world and unlock unprecedented information that can help reduce energy bills by up to 20%2.
The PWRview app allows homeowners to access their energy usage through real-time display and 24/7 remote access to their electricity consumption. Real-time dashboards provide in-depth insights to inform homeowners when they are wasting power and where their power is being used. Detailed bill tracking and consumption forecasts can educate homeowners about energy habits to eliminate surprises on their monthly bills.
“The PWRview switch makes it easy to save energy and money,” said Russ Minick, Generac’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Making HEMS an integral part of the transfer switch means that generator owners can save enough money through more efficient energy consumption to offset most of the cost of home backup systems, while enjoying all the safety of backup power solutions And guarantee.”
To protect homes and homes from power outages and introduce new electricity savings through Generac household backup generators with PWRview, please visit for more information
1 Source: EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) 2 Energy-saving effects vary depending on energy habits, house size, and number of occupants.
About Generac Generac Power Systems, Inc. (NYSE: GNRC) is the world’s leading supplier of backup and main power products, systems, engine drive tools and solar storage systems. In 1959, our founders dedicated themselves to designing, engineering and manufacturing the first affordable backup generator. More than 60 years later, the same commitment to innovation, durability and excellence has enabled the company to expand its industry-leading product portfolio to homes and small businesses, construction sites, and industrial and mobile applications worldwide. Generac provides single-engine backup and main power systems up to 2 MW and parallel solutions up to 100 MW, and uses a variety of fuel sources to support our customers’ electricity needs. Generac hosts Power Outage Central, the authoritative source of power outage data in the United States on For more information about Generac and its products and services, please visit

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