What to Look for When Buying an Automatic Transfer Switch

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What to Look for When Buying an Automatic Transfer Switch
10 25 , 2021

The first thing to consider when buying the best automatic transfer switch is your current requirement. If the ATS you purchased does not have the required capacity, you might end up damaging it and losing power. Be sure that its rating matches your main breaker for compatibility.

Afterward, you also have to consider your alternative power source. If you’re using a generator, you might want to use a switch with some time delay to allow your voltage to stabilize. But if you’re using an inverter, then an instantaneous ATS would be advantageous to avoid power loss.

Also, consider your system. Some transfer switches only work with a specific powerbox model, while others are designed for mobile use. It’s best to purchase one that’s specifically designed for your purpose so that you maximize its efficiency.

Finally, consider the brand you purchase. Some products, like the Reliance Transfer Switch, are well-known for quality products. YUYE automatic transfer switch is famous for its high quality products. Even though we’re a little expensive, you pay for our reliability. It’s best to check feedback from both professionals and actual users to evaluate the model that works best for you.


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