Special Type ATSE- New Integration Special Type ATSE Dual Power Supply Configuration Scheme

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Special Type ATSE- New Integration Special Type ATSE Dual Power Supply Configuration Scheme
07 13 , 2022

New integration special type ATSE dual power supply configuration scheme is a circuit breaker with parallel two sets of single module spring operation mechanism.
Pole adopts two vacuum arc extinguishing chambers in each phase as one solid seal design, and the upper contact arm is separated from each other in the same phase, and there is a height difference, which is convenient for the insulation of switch cabinet

Design requirements; The lower contact arm is connected together as a critical load outlet.

The arc extinguishing chamber operates the main shaft inside and outside of each other, and the two sets of operating mechanisms drive the main shaft to separate and match the corresponding arc extinguishing chamber respectively.

1250A 31.5/40KA circuit breaker width dimension is only 853mm, can be installed in 1000mm wide switch cabinet, mechanical interlocking:

Through the connecting rod mechanism connected with the respective spindle directly locks the closing push rod of another operating mechanism to ensure that when one mechanism closes, the other mechanism cannot be closed.
Electrical interlocking: the auxiliary switch contact is connected to the control loop of the spring mechanism on the other side. When one side is closed, the auxiliary switch driven by the spindle changes the contact to open, and the mechanism on the other side cannot be closed and closed.

Integrated special circuit breaker, compact structure, single frame, shared pole, single spring operating mechanism module, easy to replace, low cost, reliable mechanical interlocking; Complete set of system application is more simple, 1000mm wide cabinet body, common circuit breaker compartment can be used after a little modification, the position of the main bus is the same as that of the general central cabinet, the contact bus is basically the same, diesel emergency feed line connection adopts LONG PDS design with metal coating, can be directly installed on the LONG PDS with low voltage current transformer. Pillar current transformers can also be used. Hoisting installation of voltage transformer, back installed grounding switch, diesel engine into the line does not take up more space. At the same time, the design can also ensure to meet the state grid requirements of switch cabinet electric net distance 125mm, and meet the internal fault level requirements, each high voltage compartment has independent pressure release channel.

For single group ATSE cable inlet and outlet scheme, compact design with cabinet width of only 1200mm can be realized. Two-way pull-out incoming voltage transformer handcart, the left and right sides of rear upper part are used to connect incoming cables, and the lower side of rear middle part is used to connect key power outlet cables.

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