Management empowerment enhancement class of One Two Three Electric Co., LTD started successfully

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Management empowerment enhancement class of One Two Three Electric Co., LTD started successfully
09 24 , 2021

On September 17th, One Two Three Electric Co., Ltd. sent 32 management cadres to Jianfeng Training City to launch a 3-day training camp for grassroots management cadres to enhance team cohesion and improve the management ability of grassroots cadres.

This course mainly starts from three main aspects: “How to be an excellent employee”, “on-site practice management of grassroots cadres”, “the role, responsibility and practice of team leaders”, and intersperse with “interpersonal relationship and communication”, “early meeting skills”, “team activities”, “early exercise” and so on. Let the students feel the characteristics of “experiential teaching service” in the “body-mind learning environment”


No matter the position in the enterprise, “how to be an excellent employee” is a problem that everyone should think about and is worth thinking about. Jianfeng senior consultant arranged this course at the beginning to lead everyone to think together, hoping that everyone can always strive to be an excellent employee.

In class, consultants put games into the class to make students learn through interactive experience.


The folded wood is born from the smallest piece, the nine-story platform is born from the tired earth. The three days of learning is short, but the students’ knowledge and memory can be preserved forever. I hope this group of grassroots cadres can apply what they have learned to their future work, become excellent employees, and lay a good “foundation” for the “rising from the ground” after the enterprise.


One two three electric always toward standard management, professional management team, efficient enterprise forward


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