Normal Operation Conditions and Installation Conditions of Molded Case Circuit Breakers

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Normal Operation Conditions and Installation Conditions of Molded Case Circuit Breakers
08 16 , 2021

Installation Conditions of Molded Case Circuit Breaker:

1. Ambient air temperature – 5 +40;

2. The altitude of the installation site shall not exceed 2000 m.

3. Relative humidity of air does not exceed 50% at the highest temperature of + 40 C. Higher relative humidity can be allowed at lower temperatures, such as up to 90% at 20 C. Special measures should be taken for occasional condensation due to temperature changes.

4. The pollution grade is 3.


5. Installation category of main circuit of circuit breaker is IV, and installation category of other auxiliary circuit and control circuit is III.

6. Circuit breakers are suitable for electromagnetic environment A.

7. TH type circuit breaker can withstand the influence of humid air, salt spray, oil spray and mould through GB/T 2423.4 and GB/T 2423.18 test requirements.

8. The vertical inclination of circuit breaker installation does not exceed 5 degrees.

9. Circuit breakers should be installed in places where there is no explosion hazard, no conductive dust, no enough corrosion of metals and damage of insulation.

10. Circuit breaker is installed in cabinet cabinet chamber, and door frame is installed. The protection level is up to 1 P40.

Operating Conditions of Molded Case Circuit Breakers:

1. Circuit breakers pass the test requirements of GB/T 2423.1 and GB/T 2423.2. The ambient air temperature can be as low as -25 (-40 (-40 (-40 (-40 (-40%) with EN intelligent controller) and as high as + 70 (-40 (-40 (-40 (-40 (-40 (-40%) for capacity reduction).

2. Decreasing capacity over 2000 m above sea level;

3. Storage conditions: ambient air temperature is – 40 ~70 ~

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