Protection expert for PC-level automatic transfer switch appliances

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Protection expert for PC-level automatic transfer switch appliances
12 10 , 2022

PC-level automatic transfer switch refers to a high-reliability, multi-functional switchgear that is mainly responsible for the distribution, conversion and metering of electric energy in the electrical system, and is used for power distribution at various voltage levels. It is mainly applicable to control systems of various power, lighting, electric opportunistic loads and protection.

PC-level automatic transfer switch can be installed on the same busbar or on the same power supply side, with multi-circuit transfer function and isolation breaking performance. As an important node device in the distribution network system, it can realize multi-point control (such as reactive power compensation, harmonic control, reactive power balance, etc.) and secondary circuit protection (such as circuit breaker switching, etc.), and can be used in power distribution systems Connect the power circuit between the high and low voltage equipment and disconnect the load.

The PC-level automatic transfer switch can perform conversion operations of various voltage levels and various current levels. With dual power supply function, it supports simultaneous operation of two power sources; with two-circuit conversion function, it can switch between zero primary current and zero secondary current (with a soft starter); dual power supply capability; can realize The three-phase current can be switched arbitrarily within the rated current (380V AC) or between rated voltages.

PC-level automatic transfer switch products meet the requirements of GB173-2008 “General Technical Conditions for Low-Voltage Power Cables” and other standards; and passed the national “3C” certification; passed the German TUV company test and IEC International Electrotechnical Commission certification; obtained more than 20 national patents items, including 2 invention patents; 9 authorized patents.

PC level automatic transfer switch has complete safety protection functions, including overload and short circuit protection, overcurrent, overvoltage and grounding protection; it has protective measures such as lightning protection, leakage (grounding) automatic closure, etc. At the same time, it also has manual operation function and intelligent control function, which can easily realize automatic switching and operation (such as manual switching of load or automatic switching of power supply, etc.).

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