Requirements for installation of electrical control leakage protection switches

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Requirements for installation of electrical control leakage protection switches
08 20 , 2021

1, 220kV, 110kV, 35kV, the main transformer, supply power maintenance power box, temporary power box, mobile distribution panel, socket and so on should be installed leakage protection switch.

2. Electric wok and rice cooker used in living room should be installed with leakage protection switch.

3, should preferentially choose the rated leakage action current is not more than 30mA quick action leakage protector.

4, in order to reduce the occurrence of personal shock and grounding fault cut off the power supply caused by the range of power failure and classification installation of leakage protection device, all levels of leakage protection device rated leakage current and action time should be coordinated.

5, installed in the power leakage protection device should use low sensitivity delay leakage protection device.

6, the selection of leakage protection technical conditions should conform to the relevant provisions of GB6829, and has the national certification mark, its technical rating should be compatible with the technical parameters of the protected line or equipment.

7, working on metal objects, operation of handheld electric tools or lights, should choose the rated leakage current of 10mA, quick action leakage protector.

8, the installation of leakage protector should meet the requirements of the manufacturer’s product manual.

9, leakage protection installation should give full consideration to the power supply line, power supply mode, power supply voltage and system grounding type

10, leakage protection of rated voltage, rated current, short circuit breaking capacity, rated leakage current, breaking time should meet the requirements of the power supply line and electrical equipment to be protected.

11, leakage protection installation wiring should be correct, after installation, should operate the test button, test the working characteristics of leakage protection, confirm the normal action before being allowed to put into use.

12. Inspection items after installation of leakage protector:

A. Use the test button to test 3 times, should be correct action;

B. There should be no misoperation of the switch with load for 3 times.

13. The installation of leakage protector must be carried out by qualified electricians in technical training and assessment.

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