Schneider moulded case circuit breaker and YUYE circuit breaker difference

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Schneider moulded case circuit breaker and YUYE circuit breaker difference
03 02 , 2023

Schneider moulded case circuit breaker and YUYE circuit breaker difference

Schneider NSX MCCB circuit breakers and YUYE M3 MCCB circuit breakers are the most popular products on the market, and they are both indispensable and important components in power and control systems. There are some differences between the two in terms of variety, options, and installation methods.

First of all, in terms of service life, Schneider NSX MCCB circuit breakers are obviously better. The gas-free vacuum switch technology used in this product means that its service life will be greatly improved. As long as reasonable use conditions are ensured, it can be guaranteed that there will be almost no failure within 20 years. In contrast, YUYE M3 MCCB circuit breakers have left some problems due to the use of traditional gas gate equipment as a physical form: if the gas leaks or is not properly maintained, it will run out of life and fail quickly after long-term operation.

In addition, there are differences in selectivity. NSX MCCB circuit breakers are ideal for very high power applications.

Their respective merits

The main advantages of SCHNEIDER NSX molded case circuit breakers are as follows:

1. The unique technical structure can ensure stable performance under high load conditions.

2. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastics, which is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, strong in heat insulation and good in sealing performance.

3. The internal layout is reasonable, and the overall shape has no unevenness, so that the airflow is smooth and it is not easy to produce dead zones.

The main advantages of YUYE M3 molded case circuit breaker are:

1. It is made of high-strength PA66+30%GF or PC+30%GF by physical mixing;

2. Excellent mechanical strength and chemical dissipation characteristics;

3. Diffractive optical scanning

4. Three-phase four-wire zero-sequence ring common inductance integration;

5. Large throughput, single intermediate terminal 150mm², zero-sequence terminal 120mm²;

6. Thick steel plate welding assembly to ensure product safety and reliability.

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