Selection and use of double power automatic transfer switch

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Selection and use of double power automatic transfer switch
07 14 , 2021

When the mains power and the generator power conversion, the particularity of the generator should be taken into account first. After the mains power is cut off, the generator will start automatically. The output of the power of the outgoing motor can only be achieved after the indicators of the power reach a stable value, and the interconnection device is provided. Select and use ATS according to conversion time.



1, according to the relevant national and industry specifications, for the double power conversion of fire equipment, the faster the conversion time, the better, but considering the current power supply technical conditions in China, the provisions within 30s. When the fire fighting equipment is in operation, if the power is suddenly cut off, it is bound to cause the power conversion, because the long conversion time will make the fire fighting equipment stop operation and affect the use, so it is necessary to increase the secondary control link to ensure that the fire fighting equipment continue to work, so in the selection of ATS should be priority to choose the product with fast conversion time.

2, for emergency lighting, according to the time practice of the current design in China, the city grid power supply is generally used as emergency lighting power supply. In order to meet the requirements of use and security, allows the use of urban power grid power supply, but the ATS as emergency lighting, in the normal power supply, when the power is the power conversion time shall meet: escape lighting 15 s or less (conditional time shortening the time of conversion), standby lighting 15 s or less (financial commodity trading places 1.5 s or less), security lighting 0.5 s or less.

3, when the generator set is used as the emergency lighting power supply, the total time of the generator start and conversion should not be greater than 15s. Selection and use of quadrupole ATS.

(1) According to the provisions of IEC465.1.5, the switch between the normal power supply and the standby generator should be quadrupole switch.

The double power transfer switch with leakage protection should be quadrupole switch. When the two power switches are protected by leakage, the lower power switch shall adopt a quadrupole switch.

(3) The power transfer switch between two different grounding systems should be a quadrupole switch. (4) TN-S, TN-C-S system generally do not need to set a quadrupole switch.

According to the above requirements, when choosing ATS, it should be determined whether to adopt quad-pole ATS according to the specific functions and requirements.

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