The Difference Between Schneider Low-Voltage Electrical Products and Chinese Brand Products

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The Difference Between Schneider Low-Voltage Electrical Products and Chinese Brand Products
02 14 , 2023

First of all, Schneider’s low-voltage products include circuit breakers, switches, contactors, relays, etc., which are basically world famous brands.

Secondly, Schneider’s low-voltage electrical products are imported from Germany to China and then produced in China, so there should be no technical problems with its products.

Another thing to note is that Schneider generally only deals with switches, not switchboards and circuit breakers.

Finally, Schneider products are generally produced domestically, but there are very few imported products, so their prices will be relatively high.

1. the price

(1) Domestic switch: the price is generally low, the basic between 30-40 yuan, quality and foreign similar;

(2) Import switch: slightly better quality, slightly more expensive price.

(3) Domestic switch: a little cheaper, the price is about 20-30 yuan.

2. quality

Schneider Electric low-voltage products are imported from Germany, its quality should not exist any problems, of course, there are very few products imported into the domestic production will have some problems.

Schneider products are generally very famous in the world, its domestic factories and imported factories are not much different.

If there is a problem with a domestic product, it is to find someone to repair it. If it is repaired, it cannot be considered as electrical products produced by domestic manufacturers. And this phenomenon will continue for a long time; And if something goes wrong, the user will have to pay for it.

3. Production efficiency

1, production efficiency: Schneider’s products, such as circuit breakers, large output, short production cycle, can meet the mass production needs;

2. Product categories: Schneider has a wide range of electrical equipment products, which can meet the diversified needs of different customers.

3, quality assurance: Schneider as a global famous brand, its quality is guaranteed.

4. Cost: Because the price of Schneider’s products is relatively high, the price will be higher than that of domestic products.

5. After-sales service: Schneider as an international famous brand, its after-sales service is relatively perfect;

4. service

1, domestic products do not need any after-sales service, because as long as the manufacturer produces, the quality is no problem;

2, domestic brand, quality can also be, but if there is a quality problem, it needs to be responsible for the manufacturer;

3. Domestic after-sales service may be relatively poor compared with that of foreign countries, and some brands even do not provide installation and commissioning services.

4. Domestic brands generally do not do after-sales work, because it is caused by technical defects of products.

5. After-sales service

Under normal circumstances, the after-sales service of domestic brands will be worse than Schneider’s.

(1) Before buying, be sure to discuss with the dealer to understand what products they provide you, and whether it is necessary to buy such expensive products?

(2) To see whether to write in the contract what content and after-sales service details.

(3) Domestic brands generally do not have after-sales service; Schneider will specify the warranty period in the contract. If the warranty period is exceeded, Schneider will be responsible for the settlement.

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