The requirements and development opportunities of smart grid for the intellectualization of low-voltage appliances

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The requirements and development opportunities of smart grid for the intellectualization of low-voltage appliances
08 26 , 2021

Smart grid is a complete system, which covers all aspects of power generation, transmission, distribution, dispatching, power transformation and electricity consumption. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of the electric energy of the power system is transmitted to users through the user’s distribution network and consumed on the terminal power equipment. The client covers all the equipment and systems for the transmission, distribution, control, protection and energy management of electric energy from power transformers to electrical equipment, mainly including intelligent low-voltage appliances, intelligent electricity meters and intelligent building systems. As the core electrical equipment that plays the role of control and protection in the user end, low-voltage electrical equipment is characterized by large quantity and wide range. It is located at the bottom of the power grid energy chain and is an important part of the construction of a strong smart grid. Therefore, in order to build smart power grid, it is necessary to realize the intelligence of low-voltage electrical appliances at the client end as the cornerstone of power grid, and the intelligent distribution network at the client end thus constructed is an important basis for forming smart power grid. The networked, comprehensive intelligent and communicable low-voltage electrical appliances will be the mainstream development direction in the future.

1. Smart grid adopts a unified platform and standard, which is convenient for the development and application of a new generation of intelligent low-voltage appliances.

Smart grid requires user adoption unified and standardized products, at present all kinds of automation system, monitoring system, management system and on-line monitoring device of measurement, protection, control, and other functions in the new, unified, standard of technical support system integration, integration, and ultimately realize the fusion of various technologies to improve reliability, shorten the smart grid system Benefits such as installation and maintenance time. This will bring great convenience to the development and application of a new generation of intelligent low-voltage appliances.

2, smart grid strong, self-healing, interaction, optimization and other requirements will greatly promote the development and application of a new generation of intelligent low-voltage appliances with early warning, quick and safe recovery and self-healing functions.

According to the requirements of smart power grid, such as strong, self-healing, interaction and optimization, the smart electrical system adopts network information technology, modern communication technology and measurement technology to achieve the system’s life management, fault rapid location, two-way communication, power quality monitoring and other functions. The application of low-voltage electrical signal acquisition system in intelligent distribution network to realize digitalization can not only ensure sufficient sampling rate and good accuracy, but also facilitate the early estimation of events and early warning of faults through the analysis of real-time data; The fault point is located quickly by network monitor. The fast and safe recovery and self-healing of the distribution network can be realized by reconstructing the network, optimizing the network operation, isolating the fault when the distribution network fails and automatically restoring the power supply in the non-fault area, so as to fully meet the protection and control requirements of the intelligent distribution network. Therefore, with the construction of smart grid, the application of a new generation of smart low-voltage appliances will be more and more extensive [3].

3. Smart grid puts forward new requirements for low-voltage appliances in terms of renewable energy generation, improving power efficiency and quality.

On the one hand, in order to realize the use of renewable energy power generation and energy peak clipping and valley to improve energy efficiency and development of renewable energy power generation system, as well as electric vehicles and other electrical equipment rapid charging device, need to develop suitable for these systems with specific functions and performance requirements of low-voltage electrical appliances; On the other hand, these devices (such as variable current equipment, grid equipment, energy of intermittent access devices, charging device, etc.) of the application will seriously affect the quality of the electricity, so as the harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation, transient overvoltage suppression and renewable energy generation systems, adaptive and dynamic suppress overvoltage suppression and protection equipment, # plug and play? The birth of a large number of demands such as distributed electric vehicle charging station equipment also puts forward more and higher requirements for low-voltage appliances. Traditional low-voltage appliances will face extension and expansion, which will be a new development opportunity for low-voltage appliances.

4. Smart grid construction vigorously promotes the utilization of renewable energy and the management of power supply and demand, which will also promote the development of low-voltage appliances to the direction of networking.

The application of renewable energy power generation system breaks the traditional mode of production and consumption and forms a two-way interactive service system between producers and consumers. A variety of input data, including pricing, billing, time-sharing power grid load case signal, through the use of advanced management software, according to user needs with the method of flexible configuration, promote the user participate in power grid operation and management, balance the user demand for electricity, the ability to meet its demand and supply between supply and demand, reduce or transfer peak power demand, reduce the hot standby power station, to further improve Power grid energy saving effect and improve the role of power grid reliability, so as to maximize the conservation of resources and environmental protection. This not only needs to develop a new operation management mode, but also needs to have two-way communication, two-way metering, energy management and other networked low-voltage electrical products and system support, so these needs will also promote the rapid development of low-voltage electrical appliances to the direction of the network.

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