What is an isolating switch? What is the function of the isolation switch? how to choose?

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What is an isolating switch? What is the function of the isolation switch? how to choose?
07 16 , 2022

What is an isolating switch? What is the function of the isolation switch? how to choose? The so-called isolating switch is the big knife switch, which is the kind that is installed at the door. Can effectively cut off the power. Under high voltage, the isolating switch shall not have a load switch. Switches with load will pull out electrical isolation, minor burns and serious death. Disconnectors are used in conjunction with circuit breakers under high voltage. When repairing the route, activate and cut off the power to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. In the 11kv substation, the electrical isolation switch is divided into single grounding switch, double grounding switch and bus tie switch. Neutral grounding switch In the high-voltage test, the so-called single grounding switch means that when switching on and off, one side of the route is grounded to ensure safety. The same goes for the double ground switch. A busbar switch is a switch that disconnects a busbar. When the bus is de-energized, the neutral grounding switch can transfer the power. The key role of isolation is as follows. 1. In the maintenance process of high and low voltage electrical equipment, the isolation switch is used to distinguish the power supply and the power supply part, forming an obvious disconnection point, so that the maintenance equipment is separated from the input of the power supply system to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and electrical equipment. 2. In order to change the operation mode, the isolation switch and the circuit breaker cooperate with each other to perform the switching operation. ①When an outgoing module circuit breaker has double busbars with bypass wiring due to other reasons, close the lock and use the bypass circuit breaker with other operations, the isolation switch can be used to connect the circuit; ②For semi-closed wiring, when a series of circuit breakers are opened and closed, the disconnect switch can be used to release the circuit (but please note that all other series circuit breakers must be in the off position); ③ For the double busbar single-section wiring mode, when one circuit breaker of the two busbar circuit breakers and the section circuit breaker is open or closed, the circuit can be disconnected by the isolating switch. Classification of electrical isolating switches Electrical isolating switches can be divided into electrical isolating switches such as horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, plug-in and other electrical isolating switches. Electrical isolating switch can be divided into single-column, double-column and three-column electrical isolating switch. In fact, it is a switchgear that can connect or disconnect power. Just some small details of the electrical isolation switch. For example, when the electrical isolation switch is in the sub-position, there is a clear contact spacing between the contacts, and there is also a clear division mark. When the electrical isolating switch is in the off position, the electrical isolating switch can withstand currents under normal circuit and abnormal standards, such as short circuits under abnormal standards. The isolating switch cuts off the power supply and power transmission mode, cuts off the circuit breaker, lets the circuit cut off the load, cuts off the isolating switch when there is no load, and checks whether the load circuit breaker is disconnected. Cover the disconnect switch, then close the circuit breaker

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