1.This series products all could using together with Y-700,Y-701,Y-702 series PC class Automatic transfer switch controller,except NA,SA,LA type products.
2.The instruction of ATS controller,please see details “PC class Automatic transfer switch controller”.

Product feature
YES1 series ATSE consists of switch body and transfer control these two parts. Switch is driven by electromagnetic coil,so the transfer speed is very fast. The power source of controller takes main power or emergency power AC220V as working voltage.

NA,SA,LA type ATSE is integral type. The controller is installed inside of switch body. User only need to connect the main circuit then ATSE could work. It’s convenience for user connect writing. Meanwhile,SA type ATSE with generator start signal,passive fire input,passive fire feedback,main power and emergency power closing indicator.

N,C,M,Q,S,L is split type. The controller is separated with switch body. User should connect controller with switch body by wires.
Integral and split type ATSE both with over voltage,under voltage,default phase etc fault detection function and also with generator start and stop signal output function(When main power fault,the signal will be sent out after 3s time delay. When main power recover,the signal will be stopped after 3s time delay).


NA Type Automatic Transfer Switch Two Positions and Integral Type

N Type Automatic Transfer Switch Two Positions and Split Type

NA/N/C Type Automatic Transfer Switch Two Positions

M Type Automatic Transfer Switch Two Positions

Q Type Automatic Transfer Switch Two Positions and Split Type

SA/S/LA/L Type Automatic Transfer Switch Three Positions

G Type Automatic Transfer Switch Three Positions


Structure and features
YEQ1 series Automatic Transfer Switch,is composite by 2PCs 3P or 4P mini circuit breaker,mechanical chain transmission mechanism,controller,etc,the feature will be as follows:
1.Small in volume, simple in constitution; there is provide 3P,4P. easy to operation and long to use.
2.Transfer switch driving by single motor,a smooth,no noise,the impact is small.
3.With mechanical interlocking and electrical interlock,change over credibility,could be supply by manual or automatic operation.
4.Have the short circuit,overload protection also the over voltage,under voltage,loss phase function and also the intelligent alarm function.
5.Automatic switching parameters can be freely outside.
6.With computer network interface for remote control,remote adjustment and remote communication,remote sensing and other four control function and so on.

Working conditions
1.Ambient air temperature of -5℃ to +40℃,and at 24 hour average temperature does not exceed +35℃.
2.The installation location no more than 2000 meters.
3.The maximum temperature of +40℃,the air relative humidity is no more than 50%,at a low temperature can be allowed to have a higher relative humidity,such as 20℃ at 90%. special measures should be taken for occasional condensation due to temperature changes.
4.Pollution level:grade Ⅲ
5.Installation category:Ⅲ.
6.The two power lines are connected to the upper side of the switch,and the load line is connected to the lower side.
7.The location of installation should not have significant vibration,impact.


X/Y Type Automatic Transfer Switch

N Type Automatic Transfer Switch

M/M1 Type Automatic Transfer Switch


YEM3 series moulded case circuit breaker(hereinafter referred to circuit breaker)is applied in the circuit of AC 50/60 HZ,its rated isolation voltage is 800V,rated working voltage is 415V,its rated working current reaches to 800A ,it is used to transfer infrequently and infrequent motor start(Inm≤400A).Circuit breaker has over-load,short circuit and under-voltage protection function so that protects the circuit and power supply device from being damaged.This circuit breaker has the features of small volume,high breaking ability,short arc and anti-vibration.
Circuit breaker can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Operating conditions
2.Environmental temperature:-5℃~+40℃.
3.The relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature of +40℃,higher relative humidities may be permitted at lower temperature,e.g.90% at 20℃.Special measure may be necessary in case of occasion condensation due to variations in temperature.
4.Pollution degree 3.
5.Installing category:Ⅲfor main circuit,Ⅱfor other auxiliary and control circuits.
6.The circuit breaker is suitable for the electromagnetic environment A.
7.There must be not any explosive dangerous and not any conducting dust,there must be not any gas which would corrode metal and destroy insulation.
8.The place would not by invaded by rain and snow.
9.The storage condition:the air temperature is -40℃~+70℃.






YEW1 series Air Circuit Breaker(hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is applied in distribution network with AC 50HZ ,rated voltage 690V(or below),and rated current 200A-6300A.


YECPS mainly used in an electrical power system with AC 50HZ,0.2A~125A——rated voltage 400V,rated insulation voltage 690V.


YEM3D-250 DC circuit breakers are mainly used in DC systems with rated insulation voltage of 1600V,rated working voltage of DC 1500V and below,over load and short circuit protection foe power distribution and protection lines and power supply equipment in DC systems with rated current 250A and below.


Miniature circuit breakersYEB1—63 Hare intended for providing automatic power source cut-off under excess currents.They are recommended for use in group panels (apartment and floor) and distribution boards of residential, domestic, public and administrative buildings. 64 items per 8 rated currents ranging from 3 to 63A.This MCB has been obtained ASTA, SEMKO,CB,CE certificate


YGL series load-isolation switch is applied in the circuit of AC 50 HZ,rated voltage 400V or below,and rated current to Max 16A~3150A.It is used to connect and break circuit by not-frequent manual operation.In addition, product with 690V is only used to electrical isolation.

Operating conditions
1.Altitude not more than 2000m.
2.The range of ambient temperature is from 5℃ to 40℃.
3.Relative humidity not more than 95%.
4.The environment without any explosive medium.
5.The environment without any rain or snow attacking.
Note:If the product is expected to be used in the environment where temperature is over+40℃ or below -5℃ to 40℃,uses shall tell it to the manufacture.