Keep your power running with PC Class ATS Power Supplies from ATS Factory

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Keep your power running with PC Class ATS Power Supplies from ATS Factory
05 12 , 2023

Keep your power running with PC Class ATS Power Supplies from ATS Factory

In today’s world, power failures are not uncommon. Public facilities, hospitals, fire protection systems, and other critical databases all require backup power systems to guarantee uninterrupted power in the event of a power outage. PC-grade Automatic Transfer Switches, or ATS power supplies, play an important role in ensuring that power to all vital equipment remains operational even in the event of a power failure. In this blog we will reveal product features, applications and advantages of using ATS power supplies.

Product functions and features

ATS power supplies are a powerful technology that can provide continuous power to essential equipment during power outages. Its electromagnetic switching technology ensures faster common backup power transfer times than other common backup power systems. It is rated from 16-3200A, making it ideal for applications of all sizes. With PC class ATS power supplies, you can reduce downtime and ensure smooth power supply during power



Automatic changeover switch is flexible in design and suitable for different applications. It can be used in various public facilities, hospitals, fire protection systems, database systems, etc. The system’s electrodes are available as 3p or 4p, providing a wider range of applications. In addition, the auxiliary function adds a terminal that can be connected to an external controller and provides fire protection and communication


Benefits of Using PC Class ATS Power

With ATS Power Supplies from ATS Factory, you get reliable and uninterrupted power to keep all essential equipment running during a power outage. Our products provide fast and efficient backup power transfer times, reducing your downtime and ensuring your systems stay up and running. In addition, ATS Power Supply has added an auxiliary function that extends the capabilities of the system to include firefighting and communications. Invest in an ATS power supply today and experience the uninterrupted power of an ATS original factory backup power supply.

Company Profil

Our company has a history of more than 20 years in the field of high and low voltage production, has accumulated rich experience, and cultivated high-quality technical personnel and sales personnel. As a professional company, we are large in scale and provide one-stop service from manufacturing to sales. We strictly control our raw materials and products to ensure high quality supply to our


In conclusion

In summary, an ATS power supply is a versatile and powerful device that will keep your essential system running in the event of a power outage. With its electromagnetic switching capability, the backup power supply has fast transfer times and is rated for any size application. Additionally, accessibility features add the system’s capabilities to fire protection and communication options. If you need a reliable backup power system, ATS power supplies are the perfect solution for you. Purchase an ATS Power Supply from ATS Factory today and ensure that even in the event of a power failure, all your vital equipment remains powered.

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