YEQ3 Series Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switches

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YEQ3 Series Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switches
05 17 , 2023

YEQ3 Series Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switches

YEQ3 series dual power automatic transfer switch is a reliable and efficient switching device for two power sources. The transfer switch adopts a mechatronic design for accurate and reliable switching, which is ideal for industrial applications. Good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, high degree of automation, and stable long-term operation performance.

Company personnel composition

As a professional manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the production of CB Dual Power Automatic Switches, our company has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing high-quality products that meet industry standards. With over 500 employees and over 40 technicians, we are constantly striving to develop products that meet the changing needs of the industry.YEQ31

The characteristics of YEQ3

YEQ3 series automatic transfer switch is a patented product with excellent performance in all industrial applications. It has the ability to switch between two power sources, and can also detect two three-phase four-wire voltages at the same time. This means that when any phase voltage is abnormal, it can automatically switch to the normal supply voltage. The switching transitions are accurate and reliable, ensuring the device provides optimum performance in all applications.remarkable feature of this transfer switch is that it can be fully customized to meet all your specific needs. By setting parameters and adding the ability to operate with remote communications, switches can be made smarter and more efficient, saving time and money. In addition, it is equipped with a full Bakelite casing, which ensures a high level of safety by eliminating the risk of zero flashover. This feature makes it an ideal transfer switch for all applications requiring high safety standards.

Product characteristics and working environment of YEQ3

YEQ3 series dual power automatic transfer switches are widely used and can be installed in any normal working environment. It operates within an ambient air temperature range of -5°C to 40°C, with an average temperature of no more than 35°C over a 24-hour period. In addition, it can be installed in places where the altitude does not exceed 2000 meters and there is no obvious vibration and shock.Finally, the relative humidity of the installation site should not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. Higher relative humidity can be tolerated at lower temperatures, eg 90% at 20°C. Our equipment is designed with special measures to account for occasional condensation due to temperature changes. All these features make the YEQ3 series dual power automatic transfer switch the perfect solution for all your power needs.


In conclusion, YEQ3 series dual power automatic transfer switch is an excellent product that can provide reliable, efficient and safe performance in all industrial applications. Our company has developed this product for more than 20 years, and has been continuously improving to meet the needs of industry consumers. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can rest assured that our products are the right equipment for all your power needs.

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