New Arrival YUS1-63MA Automatic Transfer Switch for Household Type

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New Arrival YUS1-63MA Automatic Transfer Switch for Household Type
06 15 , 2022

One two three electric Co., LTD., we are a professional R& D, production and sales of a variety of dual power automatic transfer switch manufacturers.

We are about to launch our first brand new product of the year – YUS1-63MA Automatic transfer switch for household type.This automatic transfer switch uses the same side into the line design make the more convenient installation.The product belongs to PC infrequent switch, two-stage structure, suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated current 6A-63A AC power distribution system, mainly used to detect whether the user’s power supply is normal or standby. When the common power supply is abnormal, the automatic transfer switch will switching to the standby power supply immediately to ensure the continuity, reliability and security of the power supply.

 YUS1-63MA  Automatic transfer switch

The shell of the automatic transfer switch is made of high quality alloy engineering plastics with high temperature resistance and flame retardant grade, which is more safe and environmentally friendly and improves the aesthetic feeling of the product.

At the same time, the product design uses electromagnetic drive, compared with motor drive, electromagnetic conversion speed is faster, millisecond level conversion, high reliability, greatly reduce energy consumption.

Arc extinguishing device is a multi-metal grid, which can quickly extinguish and cool the arc when the contact is converted, reduce the burning loss of the arc to the contact and the shell, and improve the service life.

The common and standby power supplies are in line from the same side above, and the load is out of line from the bottom, which is more convenient for users to connect and makes the wiring in the cabinet more tidy and beautiful.

The overall design of the product compact structure, small volume, installation, wiring, maintenance is more convenient.

Please look forward to it, we always insist on walking in the front of the dual power automatic transfer switch industry, providing leading
 dual power automatic transfer switch products and complete solutions.
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