New Arrival YUS1-63NJT Automatic Transfer Switch for Household Type

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New Arrival YUS1-63NJT Automatic Transfer Switch for Household Type
06 17 , 2022

Today we  launched a new household double power automatic transfer switch-YUS1-63NJT, this automatic transfer switch to use innovative design concept, and use  modular structure design, in line with the use of the majority of household users characteristics, can solve to make up for the previous household automatic transfer switch deficiencies.


YUS1-63NJT  Automatic transfer switch
YUS1-63NJT Automatic transfer switch Household Type
YUS1-63NJT  automatic transfer switch module
YUS1-63NJT automatic transfer switch module

YUS1-63NJT Automatic Transfer Switch Features Introduction

  1. Driven by exciting electromagnet, the conversion speed is extremely fast, and the control voltage can be used for AC110V and AC220V circuit
  2. The switch body is provided with the power-on indication of common power supply/backup power supply/load power supply, and the switch status is clear and clear
  3. In automatic mode, it has the function of automatic switching and automatic recovery
  4. The product includes two installation methods: rail installation, fixed screw installation
  5. Modular structure design, the same side incoming cable, convenient for user wiring. The total mass is 0.5KG, the structure is compact, the volume is small, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient
  6. There is an arc extinguishing system inside the product (the electric shock is made of silver). After the current enters the arc extinguishing grid, it is divided into many series arcs, which are elongated by electromagnetic force, cooled and extinguished. The shell is made of fireproof material, which will not cause fire. The overall shape of the PCB is coated with three anti-paint, which can be used in complex environments.
  7. Electricity generation clearance: 10.5mm, creepage distance: 12mm, in line with safe electricity regulations. And the micro switch adopts CE certified components.

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New Arrival YUS1-63MA Automatic Transfer Switch for Household Type

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