Common application of automatic transfer switch-ATSE,

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Common application of automatic transfer switch-ATSE,
11 15 , 2021

Here is how ATSE is applied in different locations:

1  Transformer outgoing side, two incoming lines and one bus connection mode. Through the reliable mechanical and electrical interlock, in the case of power failure, failure or system maintenance of one transformer, the load automatically or manually switch to the bus of another transformer, to provide continuous power supply for the load, to avoid the adverse effects of long time power failure.

2 ATSE of bus and generator outlet side. Emergency power supply: When the normal power supply system runs normally, the ATSE obtains power from the normal power supply. When the normal power supply system is overhauled or faulty, ATSE sends a start signal to the generator, and the generator should start up. After the stable operation of the generator, ATSE switches to the generator side power supply and is powered by the generator.

3  ATSE at the distribution box. Like distribution box direct controller load, emergency lighting, evacuation instructions, etc.

4 ATSE at load. Mainly some civil load, like elevator, fan, public lighting, smoke exhaust machine and so on.

5 Fire fighting load. Mainly fire pump, fire fan, fire fan, fire shutter and so on.

In the above cases, we can probably know some applications of conventional ATSE. At the same time, there are still some products with special requirements in some special fields, such as ATSE that allows power supply to be connected in parallel for a short time, so as to realize continuous power switching. ATSE with bypass can be used for ATSE overhaul and maintenance, but load does not need to be cut off. When maintenance is needed, the parallel circuit of ATSE will be turned on to ensure power supply for load. ATSE will be cut off for maintenance at this time.

The above is some common sense related to ATSE, I hope to bring certain help to your life and work.

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