Correct debugging method of automatic transfer switch

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Correct debugging method of automatic transfer switch
11 11 , 2021

ATS power supply system problems exist, the staff must know common sense

1, double power automatic switch in maintenance personnel maintenance, if the circuit is not completely broken, will lead to part of the mechanical equipment charged.

2. When the power supply system is inspected, maintained or repaired in one way and the other is connected to the power supply, it will lead to the occurrence of the accident.

3. If there is a problem with the power sealing lock at both ends of the system, it will lead to non-simultaneous closing.

4. There is current on the load side of the power switch, which may cause the wrong charging interval

How to prevent or solve problems

1, when the dual power supply is working, it is not allowed to rotate the ground knife of a section of switch cabinet.

2. When one of the two circuits is not disconnected, the other power supply should not be placed on the working power supply position.

3. Check that any power supply does not work on the power supply position when combining the switch knife.

The correct way to debug the ATS

First cut the circuit breakers of the power supply line ports, including other circuit breakers in the distribution box. Pull the switch current feed port gate knife to one end of the backup power supply. Of course, first you must make sure that all the power supply circuit breaker ports in the switch box are disconnected. Then turn on the backup power, that is, the engine port, and when the engine is running properly turn off the circuit breakers of the starter air switch and its internal power control cabinet in sequence. Turn off the backup current ports inside the power cut box one by one, and then switch to the load port to transmit the current. When the standby power terminal is running, the position of the engine should not be unsupervised, because it needs to adjust the current and voltage according to the changes of load in time, and deal with abnormalities in time.

When the normal current port is restored to normal power supply, prepare to switch back to normal power supply in the first time to prepare for the timely circuit switch.

Exceptional circumstances, you must have know the double power source automatic switch of technical personnel to double the power switch, switch the knife do not overexert when switch, dual power supply after the debugging, first confirm whether the power supply has been closed, confirmation and then disconnect the power cable, disconnect the standby power supply cables.

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