The difference between dual power transfer switch(ATS) and dual circuit power supply

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The difference between dual power transfer switch(ATS) and dual circuit power supply
11 09 , 2021

1, the number of power supply is different

Double circuit power supply generally means that there are two circuits of power supply for a certain load. The power supply is connected to different switches of the upper power distribution station. During normal operation, one power supply is supplied and the other one is in standby state. When the primary power supply fails, the automatic switching device on the user side will switch the power supply to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of the load.
Double power supply generally refers to the fact that the two power supplies come from different substations (or distribution stations), so that the two power supply will not lose voltage at the same time. This mode is generally applied to the power supply of particularly important users, such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, etc. (the above places also have their own power generation capacity).

2. Different working methods

This loop in the dual circuit refers to the loop coming out of the regional substation. Dual power sources are independent of each other. When one power source is cut off, the second power source will not be cut off at the same time, which can meet the power supply of the first and second loads. The double circuit generally refers to the end, when one line fails and another standby circuit is put into operation to supply power to the equipment.

3. Different properties

Double circuit power supply refers to two substation or a substation two warehouse out of the same voltage two lines.
Double power supply is, of course, from two power supplies (different nature), feeder lines are, of course, two; If you’re talking about power supply, it’s dual power supply.

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