ATS-auotomatic transfer switch wroking mode and rapid development

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ATS-auotomatic transfer switch wroking mode and rapid development
11 08 , 2021

ATS wroking mode

Active/backup mode: When the voltage of any phase of the main power supply is undervoltage, the two power supplies are automatically switched to the standby power supply. When the main power supply returns to normal, the switch should return to the main power supply.

Alternate backup each other mode: The two power supplies have no priority, and the first one is connected to the other one. If the connected one is powered off, the switch is automatically connected to the other one.

Manual mode: Manual switch, mainly used for maintenance.

Rapid development

Automatic transfer switch power supply in China has experienced four stages of development, which are contactor type, circuit breaker type, load switch type and double cast type.

Contact type: this is the first generation of conversion switch in China. It consists of two AC contactors and a combination of mechanical and electrical interlocking devices. This device has disadvantages such as unreliable mechanical interlocking and large power consumption. Slowly being phased out.

Breaker type: this is the second generation, which is usually we often say CB level dual power supply. It is a combination of two circuit breakers and mechanical and electrical interlocking devices, providing short circuit and overcurrent protection, but it is still not reliable in mechanical interlocking.

Load switch type: this is the third generation, it is composed of two load switches and a set of built-in interlocking mechanism, its mechanical interlocking is more reliable, conversion by electromagnetic coil to generate attraction, so as to drive the switch action, fast.

Dual power transfer switch: this is what we call PC pole dual power automatic transfer switch. It is the fourth generation, it is driven by electromagnetic force, built-in mechanical connection to maintain the state, single knife and double throw integration of the transfer switch, has the advantages of simple structure, small, self-interlocking, fast conversion and so on

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