How to distinguish the Normal and Backup power of Automatic Transfer Switch ATSE

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How to distinguish the Normal and Backup power of Automatic Transfer Switch ATSE
11 05 , 2021

Automatic transfer switch, so there should be two power supplies, so there should be two incoming switches. Wiring, according to the system, draw the two power, divided into the main, standby, respectively received the two circuit breakers. And which cable is the main use, which cable standby, depending on the design drawings.

ATS automatic switch, its two power terminals, active and standby is defined. For example, the following figure shows the YES1 G series ATS of products that are widely sales in our company. The schematic diagram is as follows:

That is, the ones that are high on the bottom are for primary use, and the ones that are low on the top are for backup.

Usually we use molded case circuit breaker in front and micro break in back. After all, molded case is much stronger than micro break. Besides, in front of the micro break, generally 10kA short circuit breaking ability is good, but the high power, short circuit current may be over, in the distribution box internal serious short circuit has the risk of burning.

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