How to buy a right Automatic Transfer Switch?China YUYE

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How to buy a right Automatic Transfer Switch?China YUYE
03 02 , 2022

Where better to buy a dual power switch?

International big brands worthy of trust ABB, Schneider, Siemens and other double power switch is better, compare a penny a goods. The price of Chinese dual power supply is not cheap compared with that of international big brands, but the quality of its switch is unspeakable. If the requirements are low, then domestic double power transfer switch is the only choice.

YEQ3-63EW1 两进两出

Experience in the power industry, the rated current value of the dual power transfer switch is generally 1.25 times larger than the rated current of the switch. Other parameters can be excluded from consideration.

Buy double power transfer switch online, although it is relatively cheap, but you must be expert, because double power transfer switch is a series of products, because buy the wrong back to send is also very troublesome. One two three electric, professional double power switch manufacturers r & D, your trustworthy brand.

Double power automatic switch, as the name implies, it is in the long-term power supply requirements, must be quickly restored in a short time, when the electricity is suddenly cut off through the double power switch, automatically connected to the standby power supply, or use manual switch, so that our operation will not stop, can continue to operate. The purpose of the dual power automatic transfer switch is simply to use one common road standby, when the common power suddenly fails or power failure, through the dual power switch, automatically put into the standby power supply, (under small load standby power supply can also be powered by the generator) so that the equipment can still run normally. See the figure below

Where better to buy a dual power switch? Physical wiring diagram of dual power transfer switch


Dual-power switches are common in elevators, fire services, video surveillance, and bank UPS UPS, but his backup is a battery pack.

Its internal structure adopts double row compound contact, horizontal connection type mechanism, micro-motor pre-storage and micro-electronic control technology, basically realizing zero arc (no isolated cover), using reliable mechanical interlocking and electrical interlocking technology; Using zero-position technique; With obvious on-off position indication, padlock function, reliable isolation between power supply and load, high reliability, service life of more than 8000 times.

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