Where is the dual power automatic transfer switch usually used? We tells you

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Where is the dual power automatic transfer switch usually used? We tells you
02 28 , 2022

Dual power automatic transfer switch” perhaps you are not unfamiliar, but specific use to what place? Maybe you don’t understand very well, do you? Today the One Two Three electric http://www.123-ele.com/, the dual power supply switch | double power source automatic switch manufacturers tell you as follows:

Automatic transfer switch, simply speaking, is one common and one standby. When the common power suddenly fails or fails, the double power switch automatically switches to the standby power supply (the standby power supply can also be powered by the generator under small load), so that the equipment can still run normally. Most commonly used are elevators, fire protection, surveillance, and the bank’s UPS uninterruptible power supply, but his backup is a battery pack. Some of the first and second load of the factory or unit have mostly; EPS is suitable for application in EPS is to solve the emergency lighting, accident lighting, fire facilities and other first-level load power supply equipment as the main goal, to provide a kind of emergency power supply system with independent loop in line with the fire code.

A place that prevents sudden power outages from affecting electrical equipment, such as a hospital. Widely used in high-rise buildings, residential areas, hospitals, airports, docks, fire, metallurgy, chemical, textile and other important places that do not allow power outage, to achieve unattended continuous power supply.

For more double the power switch | double power source automatic switch knowledge can consult the One Two Three electric technicians, we will answer for you about the double power supply switch, dual power automatic switch question!

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