Automatic transfer switch working conditions-The PC class ATS & CB class ATS working conditions

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Automatic transfer switch working conditions-The PC class ATS & CB class ATS working conditions
10 30 , 2021

For fire fighting load

PC class ATS


Should add short circuit protection appliances if it has isolation function.
For example: 1. Fuse . 2. Circuit breaker with short circuit protection only
If there is no isolation function, isolation and short circuit protection should be added
For example: 1. A circuit breaker with isolation function and short circuit protection only. 2. Isolation switch fuse group




First,the ATSE body circuit breaker shall  have the function of short circuit protection.If it has isolation function, do not add any electrical appliances.If there is no isolation function, it should add isolation appliances.
For example: 1. Isolation switch 2. Fuse

For ordinary load (such as life pump, non-fire elevator, etc.)The previous said plus over load protection can be

CB class ATSE is composed of circuit breakers, and circuit breakers are responsible for breaking the arc, requiring quick tripping mechanism.Prone to slip, buckle again unreliable factors: and PC Class  institutions exist in this respect. Therefore, the reliability of PC class is much higher than CB class products.For fire fighting load design, PC class ATSE should be preferred. For non-fire fighting load, such as life pump, elevator, etc., CB class ATSE has short circuit function.Can ensure the safety of work, here should choose CB ; Of course, if the USE of PC ATSE, before the breaker, can also be completely.

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