Classification of isolating switches

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Classification of isolating switches
07 02 , 2022

Isolation switches can be divided into horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, plug-in and other electrical equipment isolation switches. Isolation switches can be divided into single-column, two-column and three-column electrical isolating switches. This is a switchgear that can connect or disconnect a switching power supply. Only the separation and closing of the isolating switch has some small details. For example, when the isolating switch is in the separation position, there is a clearly required breaker spacing in the middle of the breaker, and there is also a clear separation mark. When the isolating switch is in the off position, the isolating switch can carry all normal control circuits and currents under abnormal criteria, such as short circuit faults under abnormal criteria. The isolation switch shuts down the power supply and distribution mode. When turning off the power, the isolation switch should be disconnected first to disconnect the load from the power circuit. The isolating switch can only be opened when there is no load. When power distribution, the first thing to check is whether the load cut-off isolating switch is interrupted. The switch can only be closed again as long as the disconnectors at all load ends are interrupted, i.e. it is determined on the cover that the disconnectors are not loaded. After covering the isolating switch, turn off the isolating switch

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