What is the difference between a molded case circuit breaker and an air circuit breaker?

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What is the difference between a molded case circuit breaker and an air circuit breaker?
07 08 , 2022

The air circuit breaker is connected to the circuit, disconnects and carries the rated working current and common fault currents such as short-circuit fault and overload protection. maintain. Air circuit breakers are generally low voltage, that is, the rated working standard voltage is 1Kv and below. An air circuit breaker is a power switching device with multiple maintenance functions that can cut and connect circuits at rated current and rated operating current. The type of its maintenance function and the method of protection must be chosen by the customer. Such as overcurrent protection, overcurrent protection, operation, undervoltage, etc. The first two types of maintenance are the basic configuration of the air circuit breaker, and the latter two are optional. Therefore, air circuit breakers can also open electrical circuits in common fault situations (load short-circuit fault, load overcurrent, low voltage, etc.). The plastic case circuit breaker can automatically disconnect the current, when the current overload and short-circuit fault, it can automatically disconnect and cut off the power supply. Plastic case circuit breaker refers to the metal casing of the equipment, which is used to protect the middle of the electrical conductor and the grounding device of the metal material. Plastic case circuit breakers generally have thermal system, magnetic system, and thermal system effects: when the current exceeds the overload current required by the national standard, the thermal element double-gold will heat and deform, causing offset and promoting tissue posture. Disconnect, with overvoltage protection effect; Magnetic system effect: When the current exceeds the short-circuit capacity required by the national standard, the electromagnetic coil in the magnetic system will generate a very large magnetic flux, and when the force caused by the magnetic flux exceeds the transformer core torsion When the axial force of the spring, the dynamic transformer core in the magnetic system will promote the small chain position, the small chain will promote the closing tissue position, the rocker will break, and realize the overcurrent protection. Broadly speaking, air circuit breakers include: frame circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, and miniature circuit breakers. There are three holes on the plastic shell isolating switch, which is connected to three-phase electricity (actually 380V), which is used for industrial production power distribution system and motor protection system software; the isolating switch used in households refers to single-phase (actually 220V), which is used for industrial production of power distribution systems and motor protection system software. Maintenance of power distribution equipment for electrical engineering terminal equipment. Therefore, there are three holes on the plastic shell isolating switch, which cannot be used for home use.

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