Danger of the air switch being connected backwards

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Danger of the air switch being connected backwards
09 10 , 2021

For ordinary air switch wiring can also be used, can also play the role of overload short circuit protection, but this will be dangerous in operation, for general electricians, it is believed that the air switch port is the incoming line of the power supply, the lower port is the outlet of the power supply, many electricians have become a consensus on this wiring requirements, Therefore, when they check the line, as long as the air switch is disconnected, there will be no electricity under the default port of the air switch. Because the “electricity” is invisible, for the voltage of 220V or 380V, if you touch it with your hand at this time, it will cause the danger of electric shock.
YEB1LE-63 3P(1)

In addition to air switch with attachments can’t reverse the wiring, such as adding the electrical leakage air switch is not able to reverse the pick, to remind the wiring construction and technical personnel, usually in the air switch after load the outlet marked “load” end of the three words, purpose is to remind wiring personnel should pay attention to in the wiring. In short, the next line into the line is dangerous, wiring must have rules, for air opening must be aspirant line out, this is mainly a safety problem. As electrical maintenance personnel in the power work, we must pay attention to electrical testing, in order to ensure their own safety. Once found this kind of low-level error must be corrected, can not be vague, so the correct wiring method in the protection of others at the same time also protect their own

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