Debugging steps of dual power automatic transfer switching equipment

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Debugging steps of dual power automatic transfer switching equipment
09 13 , 2021

1. Place the automatic switch of dual power supply on the debugging table, connect the corresponding power line according to the correct phase sequence, and connect the phase line to the neutral line (neutral line) according to the position, and do not connect wrong.

2.During the debugging of the second and third pole switches, the common and standby neutral lines should be connected to the neutral line terminals (NN and RN) respectively.

3. Turn on the common and standby power supply and press the start button.

4. Set the double power supply automatic transfer switch in the self-switching mode. If the voltage of the two power supplies is normal, the switch should be placed in the position of the common power supply, and the common power supply will close.

5.Set the common power supply NA, NB, NC, NN, any phase disconnection, the dual power supply should be automatically switched to the standby power supply, if the common power supply to normal, should be switched back to the common power supply.

6.Adjust the voltage of any phase of the common power supply to the predetermined undervoltage value, and the dual power supply shall be automatically transferred to the standby power supply. When the common power supply returns to normal, the switch should return to the common power supply.

7. If any phase of the standby power supply is disconnected, the alarm should sound an alarm.

8.Disconnect the common power supply and the standby power supply arbitrarily, and the corresponding display symbol on the controller should disappear.

9.When the dual power supply is set to manual operation mode, it is necessary to freely switch to standby power supply and common power supply through manual operation controller, and the display screen is correct.

10.Operate the double key on the controller. The dual power supply should be disconnected from the common power supply and the standby power supply at the same time, and placed in the dual position.

11. When the switch is closed, adjust the multimeter to the voltage AC750V. Check the measuring signal output terminal by comparing the voltage value with the voltmeter on the debugging table. Power indication and closing indication, switch breaker port, voltage is normal.

12, when the switch with the generator function, adjust the multimeter to the buzzer gear, measure the power signal terminal, when the common power supply is normal, the buzzer does not sound. When the common power supply phase A or full power failure, the buzzer emits A beep sound, if the common power supply is not power and the buzzer does not sound that there is A problem with the power signal.

13, when the switch with fire control function, with DC24V voltage, measure the fire terminal, the positive and negative terminals of the power supply corresponding to the positive and negative terminals, at this time, the power double power switch should be automatically broken, and adjust to the double bit.

14.When the need to use manual switch conversion, first press the controller on the double key, adjust the double power supply to double point position; Then use a special handle to switch, according to the indicated gear rotation. Do not overexert or turn in the wrong direction.

15. When the debugging of the dual power automatic switch is completed, first turn off the power or stop button to ensure that the power is off, and then disconnect the power cable.

Special reminder: do not touch the power line and plug the aviation plug.

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