Selection of dual power automatic transfer switch

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Selection of dual power automatic transfer switch
07 27 , 2022

In recent years, due to the sharp increase of China’s ATSE  market, production enterprises (especially CB level ATSE enterprises) have also increased rapidly.The automatic transfer switch equipment(ATSE)  is very important.
With the continuous development of social productivity and the improvement of people’s living standards, people are more and more dependent on electricity. In the process of engineering design, they are also exposed to more and more primary and secondary power loads, such as industrial production lines, high-rise residential buildings, financial information systems, fire prevention power, etc.

According to the requirements of relevant specifications, for some important class I and class II loads, because the interruption of power supply will cause political, economic, personal safety losses or significant social impact, dual power supply (or even the power supply mode of two-way power supply +EPS / UPS) should be used to restore power supply as soon as possible in the case of power loss of the main power supply [1-2]. In this power environment, dual power automatic transfer switch is widely used.

According to the definition of article 2.1.2 of GB / T 14048-2002 (automatic transfer switching devices for low voltage switchgear and control equipment): ATSE, that is, dual power automatic transfer switch, is a switching device composed of one (or several) transfer switching devices and other necessary devices (such as transfer controller), which is used to monitor the power circuit and convert one or several load circuits from one power supply to another. According to the definition in the specification, ATSE is mainly divided into CB level and PC level. CB level refers to ATSE equipped with current release, whose main contact can be connected and used to break short-circuit current. At present, CB level ATSE in the market mainly uses circuit breaker as the main contact switch. PC level refers to the ATSE that can connect and carry, but is not used to break the short-circuit current. The switch body is mostly a load (isolation) switch.

The differences in product performance and quality make it difficult for the design and user departments to choose; Also due to the improper use and selection of ATSE

Great losses have been caused to state property. In order to standardize the production and selection of ATSE products, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people’s Republic of China issued GB / T 14048.11_ 2002 national standard of automatic transfer switching apparatus (equivalent to IEC 60947.6.1:1998), which has been implemented since April 1st, 2003. This standard is a technical regulation document jointly followed by ATSE production and manufacturing enterprises, design and use units and commercial activities, and it is also the technical regulation on which 3C certification is based. Since the reliability requirements of ATSE dual power switching function are Very high, therefore, the industrial developed countries will focus on the production and use of ATSE, and restrict and regulate it.

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