What’s the difference among the ATS, EPS and UPS? How to choose?

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What’s the difference among the ATS, EPS and UPS? How to choose?
07 27 , 2022

ATS (YES1 series products) referred to as Automatic Transfer Switch or Dual Power Transfer Switch is mainly made of the components of molded case circuit breaker MCCB  (CB) or isolating switch (PC).  According to the provisions of the national standard GB/T14048.11-2008, it is divided into three classes CB, PC and CC.


Our company produce many kinds of the CB class ATS and the PC class ATS. From more than 50 countries, the most prestigious Companies trust our fast switching technology for its reliability and durability.

Dual power transfer switch is a kind of very important circuit equipment, which can automatically transfer the current to other devices when the circuit fails.  Before installing this switch, understand its principle. Dual power transfer switch with long service life, with the continuous development of technology, dual power transfer switch will be more advanced.

EPS and UPS have the same function. What is the difference among the ATS, EPS and UPS? How to choose?

ATS is suitable for double power supply of key loads such as fire-fighting in the field of construction.

The EPS is used to solve the emergency lighting, accident lighting, fire-fighting facilities and other first-level load power supply equipment as the main goal, to provide an emergency power supply system with independent circuit in line with fire-fighting specifications.

UPS is mainly used to provide electricity for IT industry equipment, providing clean, uninterrupted backup power.

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