The first 145 kV environment-friendly vacuum circuit breaker in China was put into operation in Henan

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The first 145 kV environment-friendly vacuum circuit breaker in China was put into operation in Henan
07 08 , 2021

On June 3rd,2021, the first 145 kV environment-friendly vacuum circuit breaker (3150 amperes) in China was put into operation at 110 kV xiangyun substation of state grid henan electric power company. After the equipment is put into operation, it will effectively reduce the use of sulfur hexafluoride gas and achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions. This is a practical measure taken by State Grid Henan Electric Power to promote the goal of “carbon peak, carbon neutral” and to practice the concept of “clear water and green mountains are golden hills and silver mountains” with practical actions.

It is understood that the 145 kV environment-friendly vacuum circuit breaker (3150 amps) uses clean air with zero carbon dioxide emission as the medium to achieve insulation function, which not only meets the safe operation requirements of the 110 kV power grid equipment, but also does not produce any greenhouse gas in the production process, which can effectively help the construction of ecological civilization.

In recent years, in order to meet the international requirements restrict the use of sulfur hexafluoride gas, respond to a nation called on energy conservation and emissions reduction, the state grid co., LTD., innovation to carry out the nitrogen and sulfur hexafluoride gas mixture gas, cfc-free, environmental protection, etc. New technology application research, aiming at to ensure the reliability of electric power equipment operation at the same time, reduce the sulfur hexafluoride gas usage. Its one of henan electric power as a national power grid, in accordance with the principle of mature technology, reliable products, steady application, in the mixed gas, on the basis of electrical equipment to expand the application, further explore new pilot application of the gas circuit breaker equipment, environmental protection plans this year in jiyuan, zhengzhou, pingdingshan power supply company pilot application of fluorine-free carbon-free all environmental protection circuit breaker equipment, Pilot application of fluorine-free environment-friendly circuit breaker equipment in Hebi Power Supply Company will boost ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin.

110 kV Xiangyun Substation is an important entrance of Jiyuan wind power grid, bearing the heavy responsibility of 110 kV Chunshuling Wind Farm and 110 kV Changshuling Wind Farm. The successful application of all environmental protection equipment lays a foundation for the realization of clean energy transmission in the whole chain. In order to ensure the smooth operation of equipment, its power attaches great importance to henan, elaborate organization, careful deployment, prudence, organize many domestic experts to evaluate equipment parameters, operation risk, formulate specific inspection standard, strict supervision of factory test equipment, strictly the on-site equipment safety quality, clear the responsibility, A production safety work system and supervision and management mechanism with “layers of responsibility, everyone has his own responsibility” should be formed to keep a close eye on the dangerous points and risks to ensure the smooth progress of the work. After nearly two months of efforts, the 145 kV environ-friendly vacuum circuit breaker (3150 amperes) was successfully put into operation, marking an important step for the selection of power grid equipment in the field of environmental protection. Next, State Grid Henan Electric Power Co., Ltd. will further deepen the formulation and comprehensive promotion of environmental protection circuit breaker application standards based on the operation of the equipment, so as to promote the construction of ecological civilization and sustainable development.

On the same day, the first 126 kV environment-friendly vacuum circuit breaker (2500 amperes) in China was also put into operation at 110 kV Longquan Substation of Henan Electric Power of State Grid.

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