The importance and operation of dual power automatic switch

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The importance and operation of dual power automatic switch
07 05 , 2021

Power failure I believe we all have experienced, power failure at home when the electrical equipment can not be used, such as in summer, the weather is so hot, if the electricity is stopped, without the help of air conditioning, we will be hot and sweating, this feeling is quite uncomfortable. The power failure at home has caused troubles to us. In addition, some places that can not be power failure, if the power failure occurs, the consequences are unimaginable, and serious economic losses will be irreparable for us.

The bank is one of the places where the power can not be cut off. If the power is cut off, the work in the bank will not be able to operate normally. The bank staff will lose a lot of data when the power is suddenly cut off at work, causing difficulties to the service people. So in order to ensure normal business, to prevent the sudden occurrence of power failure in the process of business, double power automatic switch has become a necessary equipment.

Double power source automatic switch as the name suggests it could be in the process of our electricity occurs when all of a sudden power outage, automatically connected to the standby power supply, when standby power reinforcements can continue to work for electric equipment, natural not soldiers food grieved with reinforcements, our operation is also not interrupt work because of power outages, still can continue to run.

Dual power switch is primarily used in emergency power supply systems to automatically switch load circuitry from one power supply to another standby power switch, thus ensuring that vital loads are continuously and reliably operated. Its excellent function and reliability make it widely used, and it is entrusted with the responsibility of making it used in important electrical places. If these important places are not installed double power automatic switch, once the power failure will cause unimaginable harm, will cause economic losses, stop production and financial paralysis, more serious things will cause social problems, so that people’s lives and safety in dire straits. Many industrial developed countries for this problem is also very important, but also the production and use of double power automatic switch as a key product and to be limited to the specification.

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